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First annual TiiCKER Sweet 16 CEOs Competition & Sweepstakes

Thanks to all who participated! The competition and sweepstakes is now over.

Congratulations to our four randomly selected winners! All winners have been notified so check your email to see if you won.

This game will pit CEOs, representing both their alma maters and the publicly traded companies they lead.

While some of the universities in our tourney may have already been eliminated from the actual tournament contention, they play on here for a shot at the championship. Winning CEOs and their companies will be chosen based on each company’s stock returns over a variety of periods, depending on which round in which they are competing.

How will these matchups play out and who will compete in the next round? Check back here and follow us on Facebook for updates.


The best part is you can win too!

In the spirit of March Madness, use the menus below to tell us which team you are cheering for and why you are cheering for them.

__You will be entered for a chance to win one of four Benzinga.com Essential memberships for 12 months. That’s a $1400 value EACH. __

See official terms.

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