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Enabling individuals to discover the brands they love has provided our corporate partners a unique opportunity to engage with their investors on a more meaningful level. TiiCKER is the first intelligent software platform that engages, verifies, and rewards consumer shareholders through integrated content, stock perks, and zero-commission trading.

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Run the Numbers



There are 130 million individual investors in the United States



$13.3 trillion in individual stock ownership


More than 77% of individual investors would link their shopping habits and brand loyalty to stock ownership, and they desire stock perks

Feel The Benefits

Shareholder Lifetime Value

TiiCKER has invented a new marketing demographic: consumer shareholders. They are your most preferred owners - long-term focused, brand loyal and they vote with management. We can help you understand and value your consumer shareholders.

Shareholder Perks

Incentivize consumer shareholders to engage with your brand by offering discounts or perks that you likely already offer to employees or other marketing demographics.

Compelling Content Creates Consumer Shareholders

Sponsored content focused on our brand partners continues to be one of the easiest ways to partner with TiiCKER. Whether it's a featured article by one of our experienced writers or an interview between the TiiCKER team and your CEO, we're helping you cultivate the consumer shareholder relationship.

Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Programs

Are you still paying a transfer agent to subsidize free trades? Now that free trading is prolific across most online brokers, your DSPP and DRIP are oudated. Benefit from unique trading insights and millions of impressions to your brand page and shareholder perks by switching to TiiCKER.

Targeted Shareholder Marketing

Digital advertising campaigns on the TiiCKER platform and its social media properties, as well as key third party sites can reach more than 5 million potential shareholders.

Data & Analytics

Measure the impact of your efforts with actionable data that drives ROI while helping you understand and value your consumer shareholders.

Make the Call

Attracting investors has always been about the stock profile. Companies can now appeal to shareholders with affinity & emotion.

Spotlight Brands

Spotlight Brands