TiiCKER Teams with Tradier to Offer Commission-Free Stock Trading to Enable Individual Investors to Own the Brands They Love | TiiCKER

TiiCKER Teams with Tradier to Offer Commission-Free Stock Trading to Enable Individual Investors to Own the Brands They Love

Released On June 3, 2020

DETROIT, June 3, 2020 — TiiCKER, Inc., the world’s first intelligent software platform that engages, verifies and rewards individual investors, today announced that it has partnered with Tradier Brokerage to offer seamless commission-free equity trading for its online individual investor community.

"Having the ability to trade a stock within the TiiCKER platform allows us to convert the 56 million retail investors in the U.S. to consumers and transform consumers into shareholders in the brands they love,” said TiiCKER founder Jeff Lambert. “Our mission is to help individuals better discover publicly traded brands and to give public companies a way to measure and maximize the lifetime value of their consumer shareholders, and the addition of commission-free equity trading makes this vision more of a reality. By providing free trading, individual investors now have the ability to trade a stock within a company’s brand page, view their investments and stock perks all in one place.

“Likewise, our public company partners will be able to measure the impact of their marketing and interact directly with their individual shareholders like never before.”

TiiCKER’s online community brings individual investors and public companies together in a uniquely meaningful way, providing insightful content to help investors discover and invest in the brands they buy every day. Many brands give perks to shareholders, such as discounts on products and services, yet many investors are unaware that these perks even exist. In addition, companies and brands market their products to a wide range of affinity groups and target audiences, but rarely offer promotions and discounts to shareholders because “street name” brokerage accounts make these individuals hard to reach. TiiCKER targets continued user loyalty through its intelligent software design that encourages brands to directly connect with individual investors through targeted marketing and creating awareness for available and rotating benefits.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Tradier Brokerage, a member of FINRA and SIPC, is an independent subsidiary of Tradier, Inc. The Tradier Brokerage API enables entrepreneurs, businesses, developers and active traders to solve their trading and brokerage challenges using independent content and tool providers of their choice. The Tradier solution features REST-based and Streaming APIs, and turnkey tools that deliver speed, choice and simplicity – all on a secure platform.

For more information and to join the next investment movement visit: TiiCKER.com or our social properties @TiiCKER and @TiiCKERPerks.

About TiiCKER Founded in 2019, TiiCKER invented direct shareholder marketing through its web-based and upcoming app software platform that provides consumers and investors a revolutionary way to engage with the brands they love. For individual investors, TiiCKER provides unique access to shareholder perks, commission-free trading, and insights needed to discover and stay close to the brands they follow. For its public company brand partners, TiiCKER enables companies to engage, verify and reward consumer shareholders to better serve and understand their investors and maximize the lifetime value of their consumer shareholders. For more information, please visit TiiCKER.com.

About Tradier, Inc. Tradier, Inc. is a cloud-based financial services provider and brokerage API company that offers a groundbreaking platform to serve Platform Providers, Advisors, Developers and Individual Investors. Tradier delivers an innovative set of fully hosted API's, modules and "out of the box" tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers seeking to create innovative trading and investing experiences.

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