Jeff Lambert Talks TiiCKER with WFNT | TiiCKER

Jeff Lambert Talks TiiCKER with WFNT

Released On December 14, 2020

To give the inside scoop on all things TiiCKER, Founder and CEO Jeff Lambert sat down with WFNT’s Tom Sumner to share features of the platform and to talk about the creative concept behind the startup. Listen to the interview here.

Most recently, TiiCKER launched their new iOS application to make it even easier to start earning perks. By safely and securely linking dozens of online brokerages and leveraging TiiCKER trading partners, individual investors can view their investments and perks in one place. Be rewarded: TiiCKER makes it easy to discover shareholder perks investors may qualify for based on individual share ownership. Be connected: The app allows people to easily explore new companies that align with their lifestyle and values, perhaps uncovering a favorite brand they did not know was publicly traded. Be empowered: TiiCKER's insights promote engagement with public companies, offering ways to directly communicate to consumers like never before.

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