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Will Consumers Embark on Winter Vacations? These Companies Hope So

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Brent Snavely November 3, 2020
Delta Airlines

Autumn is in full swing, and the cooler temperatures are fast approaching. As the leaves change color, people typically begin considering travel plans to escape the cold in favor of warmer climates. While it will be some time before we see pre-pandemic volumes of vacationers, a fair number of consumers will still take the opportunity to pack up the whole family and spend time in summer homes, resorts, or with relatives for the holidays.

However, the ongoing pandemic has mandated thoughtful planning when putting together a travel itinerary. With that in mind, many companies offer to help people get to where they need to go in the safest manner possible while abiding by COVID-19 restrictions. Here are some of them.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (Tii:DAL)

The airline industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic. To book more flights and make the trip safer for travelers, Delta Airlines offers a wide range of perks to travelers who decide to take to the skies. There are no longer change fees for almost all their ticket offerings in what is becoming the industry standard while the airline also provides new routes to unique destinations. To provide social distancing on their planes, the airline is blocking off middle seats. Just keep in mind that there is a strict mask rule. If you do not wear one, you can end up on their "no-fly" list.

Carnival Corporation & plc (Tii:CCL)

The luxury cruise industry halted throughout the spring and summer due to a CDC ban over COVID-19 outbreaks. Yet the cruise season is gearing back up as Carnival Cruises – the world’s largest travel leisure company – plans to resume trips on December 1, 2020. The cruise line is offering deep discounts to entice people to book cabins and staterooms. Before booking a room, always find out what COVID-19 restrictions will be put into place so you can prepare before setting sail.

Winnebago Industries, Inc. (Tii:WGO)

With people worried about taking flights and being restricted to hotel rooms due to COVID-19 hotspots, some are opting to take their rooms mobile while going on an isolated vacation on the open road. Engaging in outdoor activities with an RV allows people to go camping, hiking, fishing and biking while social distancing, as Winnebago has seen significant growth for their luxury motor homes.

Expedia Group, Inc. (Tii:EXPE)

Whether traveling by plane, automobile, or train, a person needs to know more about their destination. Expedia allows people to browse for hotel and travel deals at various vacation spots across the country. Since other nations are banning or limiting travel to and from the United States, Expedia can allow travelers to hone in on their available options and figure out their itinerary so they can have a safe and happy winter vacation.

American International Group (Tii:AIG)

Many travelers may be thinking about whether they can be refunded their travel fees due to a trip cancelation or interruption. Travel insurance can protect people from unforeseeable events outside of their control. AIG is one insurer in this space, offering its Travel Guard Travel Insurance that includes 24-hour concierge assistance and a host of different plans. However, keep in mind that many insurance companies will not accept claims for new policies due to COVID-19 because it is seen as a foreseeable event.

Traveling this winter will be an adventure for many people who want to enjoy themselves while protecting their families from the coronavirus. Planning ahead and taking all the necessary precautions will allow you to find the destination that will be perfect for everyone.

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