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Weekly Download - May 11

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TiiCKER Team May 11, 2020
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Zoom Shares Rally After an Explosive Quarter

Zoom Video Communications (Tii:ZM) shares are marching higher into uncharted territory Wednesday following a first-quarter earnings report that was so strong that analysts have run out of ways to describe it.

White House Selects 5 Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates as Finalists

The Trump administration has selected five "finalists" for development of a COVID-19 vaccine - Moderna (Tii:MRNA), AstraZeneca (Tii:AZN), Johnson & Johnson(Tii:JNJ), Merck (Tii:MRK) and Pfizer (Tii:PFE).

U.S. Launches Probe into Foreign Digital Taxes

The Trump administration is opening a "Section 301" investigation into taxes on digital commerce proposed by a range of trading partners that could affect revenues booked by tech giants like Facebook (Tii:FB), Google (Tii:GOOG) and Amazon (Tii:AMZN).

America’s Smallest Stocks Are Staging a Comeback

Shares of small U.S. companies are racing higher, stirring a debate among investors about how much longer the stock market can keep rallying despite some of the grimmest economic news since the Great Depression.

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