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TiiCKER Unveils Industry-First Stock Perks iOS Mobile App

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Alan Hughes November 11, 2020
TiiCKER iOS app Available Now

TiiCKER announced today that its industry-first stock perks mobile app is available for download on the Apple Store. The iOS app, which is entirely free of charge, provides the complete TiiCKER experience for those on the go.

Many brands give perks to shareholders, such as discounts on products and services, but most investors are unaware these perks even exist. TiiCKER helps individuals discover how their love for a brand can unlock a compelling new way of investing and earn rewards for those investments. People live, wear and eat the brands on TiiCKER. The TiiCKER app offers unparalleled access to these perks, as well as commission-free trading and insights needed to help individual investors discover and stay close to their favorite brands.

“TiiCKER is reinventing how individual investors are rewarded for brand loyalty,” said TiiCKER founder and CEO, Jeff Lambert. “We’ve created a unique, tech-driven platform that allows consumers and public companies to interact directly with each other, something never before seen in the financial industry. The launch of this app  breaks down barriers for investing and helps those new to investing unlock opportunities to engage with the brands they love and own a piece of the company.”

Safe and secure, TiiCKER follows the highest industry standards to ensure user information is fully protected. The app also allows users to research and invest in brands they may not have known are publicly traded and gain valuable insights through original TiiCKER content. Users can also quickly and securely link to hundreds of online brokerages and financial institutions to learn about and claim shareholder perks they already qualify for based on their linked stock portfolio.

“We've had requests from TiiCKER users for a smartphone app to use while they are on the go,” said Chris Tromp, TiiCKER's Chief Digital Officer. “It was important for us to develop something beautiful and easy-to-use while also providing the full TiiCKER experience. We think people are really going to like it.”

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