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Smart Home Technology – The Family that Plays Together

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Alan Hughes October 13, 2020
Smart Tech At Home

The pandemic has caused many people to make the switch to remote work. While it is great to walk to the refrigerator whenever you want a snack and to set your own hours for work, you may find yourself always plugged in. You simply can't stop working, as you put in long hours trying to complete projects or speak with clients. Finding a moment to unwind is a must and these smart home technologies bring the entertainment and relaxation during the COVID era.

Nintendo Company LTD (Tii:NTDOF)

Get your game on! When it comes to having fun with the whole family, Nintendo has been a go-to source for a wide variety of gaming consoles, cartridges and apps for decades. Other companies wanting to get into the gaming niche strive to copy Nintendo's success, especially with its hybrid console technology. This company has developed the widely popular portable Switch gaming controllers with their own monitors for solo gameplay that can also be placed into a central console to switch to whole family play on a TV screen. Showing the kids how you are the best old gamer can be a joy for everyone as well as provide an entertaining evening.

Sony Corporation (Tii:SNE)

While the kids are gaming, you can sneak away to the spare TV to have a binge night of your favorite shows. Even with abbreviated sports seasons due to the pandemic, there are still tons of things to watch on TV, as smart technologies allow you to engage in Internet browsing. Sony Corporation has been able to keep generations entertained with their latest products. Their tech has also become more integrated with other devices. Now, the company allows you to connect personal assistants, including Google and Alexa devices, to their TV product lineups. Watch regular television, catch a movie through streaming services, or load up a favorite music video and jam at home in your own personal concert. Inc. (Tii:AMZN)

It's been rough not being able to go to street fairs and music concerts. Yet you can keep the songs playing and listen to the latest albums with Amazon's smart home technologies. The company keeps rolling out new speakers with more interconnectivity to provide a great home environment. Their latest release, the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation, allows you to play music, order take out, make phone calls, and turn on the smart TV without ever getting up from the couch. With Amazon providing more tech products under their company name, people have the opportunity to pick and choose the gadgets that best fit into their lives and budgets.

Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Tii:PHG)

The kids are in bed after a long day of virtual schooling. The Blu-ray disc is on pause, and you are just waiting for the popcorn to be ready so you and your spouse can share some alone time. It’s time to dim the lights, as Philips has made it easier for you to stay in your seat without having to cross the room to hit the light switch. They have introduced smart lighting that is controlled right from your phone. They created a hub system for all of your lights as well as Hue Bulbs that will dim and change colors on demand. You can create light shows and set specific moods to make your evening more comfy and enjoyable.

Sleep Number Corporation (Tii:SNBR)

When it comes to relieving stress and finding relaxation, nothing beats a good night's sleep. Since 1992, Sleep Number has been offering mattresses and beds that provide more comfort for each person with the company’s adjustable innovations. Always ahead on the technology track, they've now taken it a step further by incorporating health and sleep tracking metrics into their products. You can view this information right through an app on your phone so you can adjust your bed in the best way for even better relaxation.

Companies will continue to roll out smart home technologies during the COVID era so families can create the type of relaxing environment that is suitable for everyone. You can find the smart home tech that fits into your specific space and the right investments for your portfolios.

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