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Pet-friendly Publicly Traded Companies that Deserve a Look

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Alan Hughes June 26, 2020

The US consumer is on track to spend nearly $100 billion in the pet industry in 2020, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Top categories from the past year include food and treats (about $37 billion); veterinary treatment and products (about $29 billion); animals, supplies, and over-counter supplements/medication (about $19 billion); and non-vet services (including pet-sitting, grooming, boarding, and insurance--at about $10 billion).

Statistics aside, animals and people have depended upon one another all throughout history. Today, pets are part of the family and often feel like our children or beloved, supportive friends. In fact, my home has one dog, two cats, and lots of fish.

Here's our look at a few public companies that recognize the importance of animals, investing time and money to benefit pets, companion animals, and wildlife in general.

Chewy (Tii:CHWY) offers an all-inclusive product line: Chewy offers a slew of pet-centric products to fill nearly every need. The company helps pet parents spend more time playing with pets, rather than lugging heavy bags of food home or making multiple trips to a variety of pet supply stores. Chewy also partners with the Humane Society, providing the non-profit animal welfare organization with pet food and supply donations valued at $4+ million, concentrating on rural areas in poverty.

Walmart (Tii:WMT) joins the pet industry: Even the king of big box stores is joining the pet industry. Walmart has launched an online pet pharmacy and is adding veterinary clinics in up to 100 stores.

Subaru Loves Pets Too (Tii:FUJHY): Looking for extra reasons to buy that Subaru you've been wanting, or to invest in the company? Subaru Corporation has donated over $20 million to the ASPCA®. The Subaru Loves Pets program has helped nearly 150,000 needy animals through animal welfare organizations chosen by local Subaru dealerships across the US since 2015.

Trupanion (Tii:TRUP): This pet insurance provider offers an in-house dog walker and gives dog-owning employees pet insurance, along with benefits like days off for pet bereavement. The company also champions making other company's workplaces dog friendly.

Amazon (Tii:AMZN): Amazon HQ contains an on-campus dog park, plus a fancy doggie deck on one floor. The company also offers free pet treats (and poop bags). Canine “employees,” collectively called the Woof Pack, have their own (human) department head watching over them. Amazon also throws pet-centered events, including Barktoberfest every Halloween.

As an animal lover and/or pet parent, you'd ideally like to find satisfaction, along with potential stock perks, in companies that share your passion. When you’re seeking pet-friendly investments, start your research with companies like these!

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