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National Spouses Day: Brands Helping You Show Appreciation for Your Significant Other

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Chris Tromp January 26, 2021
Spouse's Day

On January 26th, millions will observe National Spouses Day, which was created to celebrate, support and otherwise show appreciation of life partners – whether they be spouses, domestic partners, civil unions or common-law marriages. While Valentine’s Day is a time to woo your loved one with gifts and a romantic dinner, National Spouses Day focuses on doing things that you both enjoy and spending quality time together.

What you do on this day depends on your personal preferences. For those in warmer climates, it could be a picnic. For others, some form of outdoor activity or a DIY project around the house. Whatever the preference, it’s really about bonding over a shared activity enjoyed by all parties involved. Here are some brands that offer options for that special together time.

There may have been a project around the house that you and your significant other placed on hold because you simply got too busy to complete it. Whether it was building a bookshelf, putting in a walk-in closet, redecorating, or slapping a new coat of paint to refresh a room, brands such as Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (Tii:LOW), The Home Depot, Inc. (Tii:HD), Wayfair Inc. (Tii:W),, Inc. (Tii:OSTK), and The Sherwin-Williams Company (Tii:SHW) are looking to meet rising home improvement demand with a plethora of product lines. Completing a home improvement project together can provide quality bonding time and great memories.

Are you and your spouse among the millions who enjoy the great outdoors? According to the most recent Outdoor Industry Association’s Participation Report – the largest research report on outdoor recreation participation – almost half of the U.S. population ages 6 and over participated in an outdoor activity at least once. This is likely to increase substantially given the current pandemic’s impact on fitness centers and other locations for indoor group activities. If you’re part of this large group, consider taking your significant other rock climbing, hiking, bicycling or just a vigorous walk. If you don’t have the requisite gear, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc. (Tii:DKS), Wolverine World Wide, Inc. (Tii:WWW), Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. (Tii:BGFV), Deckers Outdoor (Tii:DECK), and Columbia Sportswear (Tii:COLM) make and/or sells what you need to enjoy the open sky together.

Odds are either you and/or your spouse is spending plenty of time in a makeshift home office. Since the onset of COVID-19, almost twice as many employees are working from home as at work – 42% of the U.S. labor force. With that in mind, consider working together to revamp the work environment and perhaps bring a little Zen into the workspace. Pitney Bowes Inc. (Tii:PBI), ACCO Brands Corporation (Tii:ACCO), Herman Miller, Inc. (Tii:MLHR), and The ODP Corporation (Tii:ODP), parent of Office Depot and OfficeMax, has your back for this particular endeavor.

If your preferences place you more in the lay back and chill camp, reading a good book together is a great way to unplug and observe National Spouses Day. Whether it’s a spy novel, sci-fi, mystery, classical literature, or one of the many other genres, consider a visit to Scholastic Corporation (Tii:SCHL), John-Wiley & Sons (Tii:JW.A), or Pearson plc (Tii:PSO) for inspiration and information on the hottest new authors.

Another option for those looking to do something together in a relaxing way, completing a puzzle is a time-honored tradition between couples. And since the coronavirus outbreak, demand for jigsaw puzzles reached an all-time high. Last year, CNBC reported that one game maker has seen U.S. puzzle sales soar 370% year over year in the past two weeks. As a result, retailers like Target Corp. (Tii:TGT) and, Inc. (Tii:AMZN) have upped the number of puzzles offered. Another option may be to take on a craft project jointly. If that’s more your speed, The Michaels Companies, Inc. (Tii:MIK) falls right into your wheelhouse.

No matter your preference, there is no shortage of options – and brands at the ready – to ensure a happy Spouses Day.

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