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How to Find the Right RV

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Chris Tromp June 3, 2020
Finding the Right RV

RVs provide a tremendous amount of flexibility and convenience for those who would like to travel across the country in comfort. With an opportunity to bond with family members and friends while also seeing the great outdoors, it comes as no surprise that RVs have become tremendously popular. At the same time, with so many RVs out there, how can you find the best RV to meet your needs? There are a few tips to keep in mind.

The Best RVs for Families

If you are looking for an RV for your family, particularly with children, then you should keep a few tips in mind. It is a good idea to look for an RV that provides bunk beds, which allow families to sleep more people in a tighter, more compact space. Some RVs even provide a retractable loft bed over the cab.

It is also important to look for an RV that provides multiple burners, a double sink, and even an L-shaped counter that allows families to cook larger meals. Camping World (Tii:CWH) is known for providing outstanding RVs with exceptional accessories that will help families find the right RV to meet their needs.

The Best RVs for Off-Road Adventures

Those who love the adrenaline that comes with an off-road adventure should look for a few important features in their RVs. First, it is a good idea to use military-grade vehicle tires. These tires will stand up to the punishment of those off-road adventures. A large freshwater tank is also a must, ensuring that everyone will have access to water they can drink, use for bathing, and run their toilets. Finally, ask about the turning radius of the RV. Off-road adventures could require some tight turns and an RV is a large vehicle. Some RVs have a smaller turning radius than others.

The Best RVs for Retirees

When it comes to finding the right RV for retirees, there is one important decision to make. Some retirees like to have an all-in-one motor-home while others like to have a travel trailer that is towed behind the vehicle itself. A motor-home is a simpler, more secure option than a travel trailer; however, if you already own a truck, then adding a pull-behind camper makes more sense. Furthermore, the trailer can be unhitched, allowing you to use the truck for local transportation once you reach our final destination. If you intend to live in your RV full-time, then an all-inclusive motor-home might is the better option. Thor Industries (Tii: THO) is known for their Class A Motorcoach which is a great option for a seasonal snowbird. If you plan to live in an RV only during vacations, then a pull-behind camper might be preferable.

Finding the Right RV

These are a few of the considerations that you should keep in mind as you are trying to find the right RV. There are plenty of options out there, so take a look around!

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