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Harris Poll Shows Shareholders are a Mostly Untapped Market of Loyal Consumers

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Alan Hughes December 3, 2020
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Shareholders are very loyal to the brands in which they have invested, and it pays for publicly traded companies to market their products and services to these investors, a new survey concludes.

Conducted by Harris Insights and Analytics, a leading market research and global consulting firm, in conjunction with TiiCKER, the survey concluded that publicly traded corporations behind leading consumer brands would likely find greater value by engaging directly with its individual investors. The survey also notes that these individuals – those who own public stocks outside of managed plans like 401(k)s and IRAs – are more likely to become loyal consumers.

The survey of 2,070 Americans was conducted in October 2020 to better understand what portion of the population owns individual stocks and how they view the companies in which they choose to invest. The vast majority (80%) indicated they are loyal to the brands and companies in which they have invested and 77% indicated a public company could strengthen that loyalty by offering a shareholder reward or perk.

This is a vast and mostly untapped market. As of September 30, 2020, a total of $10.6 trillion was held at the leading online and discount brokerages. The Harris Poll reaffirms a common belief that was simply never quantified until now. “There's been a lot of conversations and belief that shareholders are going to be a company's most loyal customers, but it was anecdotal until now. There was no research to back that up,” says Jeff Lambert, TiiCKER’s CEO. “What you’re seeing in the survey is people buying the brands they love. The interest follows the brand affinity.”

This kind of brand affinity can be measured as Lifetime Shareholder Value, a new metric TiiCKER has developed. The idea is that shareholders own a stock over a period of time – an average of eight years. During that time, the amount that shareholder has spent on a company’s brands can be accurately measured. “We set out on this journey to try to connect to the individual investor and now we know they actually make decisions about what they own in their portfolio based on how they live their life – where they shop, what they drive, where they go,” says Lambert “People like to buy what they know and own what they shop.”

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