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For National Comic Book Day - What Stocks Would Interest Popular Superheroes?

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Chris Tromp September 25, 2020

In a relatively short period of time, comic book superheroes have gone from the back of newsstand magazine racks to the source material for many of today’s top-grossing Hollywood blockbusters as this part of geek culture has taken its place in the mainstream. As September 25 is National Comic Book Day, we decided to take a look at 10 popular superheroes and venture a few guesses as to what their favorite stocks may be.

Superman: Let’s begin with the one that started it all. First appearing in 1938, Superman went on to define the superhero genre and has appeared in scores of movies, television shows, video games, comic books, and basically every medium that’s been created to date. So, what stocks would appeal to the Kryptonian? Perhaps British spaceflight company Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (Tii:SPCE) or with all the films based on his exploits, maybe AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (Tii:AMC), which is based in his adoptive home state of Kansas.

Captain America: First hitting the newsstands in 1941, Captain America is one of the more venerable superheroes. As a veteran of World War II, we'd like to think Cap would support some of the companies ranked by the Military Times as the best places for veterans to work. They include NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast Corp. (Tii:CMCSA), Southern Co. (Tii:SO) and General Motors Co. (Tii:GM).

Batman: This is a tough one. What companies would interest a Dark Knight who can buy or build just about anything he wants? One could see him investing in amusement park operators like Six Flags Entertainment Corp. (Tii:SIX) or Cedar Fair, L.P. (Tii:FUN) simply to ensure the Joker won’t have any future hideouts from which to wreak havoc.

Spider-Man: Not that the wall-crawler has investible assets – he’s just a kid. But one would imagine with him being a technological wizard that he may not be drawn to many of the same consumer brands that are popular with most of his fellow teens but rather companies behind cool tech like Tesla, Inc. (Tii:TSLA), Cisco Systems, Inc. (Tii:CSCO) or Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.( Tii:AMD).

Wonder Woman: The Amazonian warrior princess could conceivably be attracted to names that remind her of her heritage like Inc. (Tii:AMZN), Olympic Steel, Inc. (Tii:ZEUS) or Athena Silver Corp. (Tii:AHNR).

Thor: What would interest a 1,500-year-old mythological deity who can conjure storms and hurl lightning? One might think he’d appreciate his namesake, Thor Industries, Inc. (Tii:THO), but when an Asgardian can fly, it’s not certain whether he’ll want to spend hours in an RV. We think Thor would be more appreciative of massive megawatt-generating power companies like NextEra Energy, Inc. (Tii:NEE) and Duke Energy (Tii:DUK).

The Flash: Which brands would appeal to the fastest man alive? We’d guess running at hyper speeds would result in a lot of wear-and-tear on footwear. This would make athletic footwear providers like Nike Inc. (Tii:NKE) and Wolverine World Wide, Inc. (Tii:WWW) appealing to the Scarlet Speedster.

Hulk: Though best known as a green giant that loves to smash, the Hulk is a brilliant scientist at his core. With his ultimate goal of figuring out a way scientifically to rid himself of the beast within, Bruce Banner (Hulk’s Dr. Jekyll) would have a profound interest in medical diagnostic device creators like Medtronic plc (Tii:MDT) and Becton, Dickinson and Co. (Tii:BDX).

Cyborg: The half-man, half-machine Justice League member can link to virtually every computer network in the world. With such amazing abilities, there’s no doubt network security would be a priority for his own hardware and software. As a result, Cybersecurity service providers like Rapid7, Inc. (Tii:RPD) and Palo Alto Networks, Inc. (Tii:PANW) may pique his interest.

Groot: Essentially an alien sentient tree with a very limited vocabulary, we would have to assume part of Groot's diet includes some of the same things as earthly flora. If that's the case, fertilizer and plant-care products providers like Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. (Tii:SMG) Nutrien Ltd. (Tii:NTR) might interest this Guardian of the Galaxy.

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