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Discounts on Company Products for Being a Shareholder

Did You Know?

Mike Houston May 21, 2020

Discounts on Company Products for Being a Shareholder?

Did you know some companies give discounts to their shareholders for owning company stock? Select companies offer discounts on their products for being a shareholder. These companies reward their retail shareholder base not only through stock appreciation, but in consumer purchases. How cool is that? Below I have outlined verified shareholder discounts on select products and services that companies provide.

Going on a Cruise?

Norwegian (Tii:NCLH), Carnival (Tii:CCL) and Royal Cruise (Tii:RCL) lines all offer onboard credits to verified shareholders. If you own 100 shares of any of the following companies a month or so before sailing, you could be eligible for up to a $250 onboard credit while soaking up on the sun. Each cruise line has their own verification process that must be followed to receive the credit that can be found at their respective investor relation’s websites.

Buying a Car?

Any shareholder holding a minimum of 100 Ford (Tii:F) shares 6 months prior to purchase (must be held for at least 6 months) is eligible for X-Plan or “Friends and Neighbors” pricing on their qualified Ford vehicle purchase. Their Investor relations site and Ford itself isn’t very vocal about the discount offered to shareholders, however, if you email their investor relations department at [email protected] they will send you the information that you need to become eligible. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars on your next vehicle purchase!

Paying Too Much For Car Insurance?

If you own at least one share of Berkshire Hathaway (Tii:BRK.A, Tii:BRK.B) stock you are eligible for an 8% discount on GEICO car insurance. To see if you are eligible call GEICO’s customer support line and they will direct you to the appropriate contact to receive the discount. Another stock perk that Warren Buffett offers to his loyal retail shareholders (other than great returns).

I don’t know about you, but I think its pretty cool that these companies have elected to not only reward their shareholders through traditional routes like share buybacks, dividends or stock appreciation, but also through many of the products that we know and love. Consuming the products and services of the company in which you also own shares in feels almost second nature too. Hopefully we’ll see more companies elect to go this route further down the line so I can continue adding to this article and others.