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Check Out These Shareholder Perks from Leading Publicly Traded Brands

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Chris Tromp October 6, 2021
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A Harris Poll concluded that 80% of Individual investors are very or somewhat likely to purchase products from a company whose stock they own. A growing number of publicly traded companies realize this and are actively marketing their products and services to these investors – and even offering shareholder perks as a reward.

In short, shareholder perks are rewards (beyond dividends and stock splits) given to a company’s individual investors. These perks can take the form of discounts to purchase the company’s products or services, free swag, gift certificates, or anything else that otherwise rewards investors.

With this growing number of shareholder perks, we thought it a good idea to highlight a few from time to time.

CarLotz Inc. (Tii:LOTZ) shareholders have a pair of perks they can take advantage of. The nation’s largest consignment-to-retail used vehicle marketplace, the CarLotz platform offers a seamless omnichannel experience and comprehensive selection of vehicles, allowing for a fully contactless end-to-end e-commerce interface. CarLotz shareholders can select one of the following two perks:

If you’re a CarLotz shareholder and swag is your thing, you can receive a $60 credit redeemable for Nike apparel or a Yeti Rambler 18 oz Bottle with Chug cap in the CarLotz Shareholder Store, powered by TiiCKER. This perk requires the individual investor to own at least 50 shares for at least four weeks. If you own at least 100 CarLotz shares for at least four weeks and plan to use the platform to buy or sell a car, consider the $100 consignment fee credit through any CarLotz Hub. It essentially provides you with a $100 discount when buying or selling a vehicle on the CarLotz Hub.

If you’re more of a gadget geek and own shares of leading global consumer robot company iRobot Corp. (Tii:IRBT), the company has three perks for you. If you own just one share for at least 12 weeks, you’re eligible for savings of up to $50 on select floor cleaning robots, including the Roomba i3+, Roomba 694, Braava m6, Braava jet 240, and Braava 380t. With 500 shares owned for at least 12 weeks, individual investors can choose between a savings of up to $90 on select floor cleaning robots or a free Replenishment Kit with the purchase of a Roomba S9+ or j7+ Robot Vacuum.

As part of our Celebrate Seattle Ownership campaign, if you own just $50 worth of, Inc. (Tii:AMZN), Expedia Group, Inc. (Tii:EXPE), Nordstrom, Inc. (Tii:JWN), Starbucks Corporation (Tii:SBUX) shares for at least one week, you’re eligible to receive a TiiCKER-branded T-shirt adorned with the trading symbol of the company’s shares you own.

These are just a few of the shareholder perks available on the TiiCKER platform. Be sure to register and start earning rewards for investing in the brands you love.

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