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Celebrate National Beer Lovers Day With the Companies Behind These Brews

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Alan Hughes September 7, 2020
National Beer Lovers Day

Beer drinkers, rejoice. Today is National Beer Lovers Day, and with everything going on in the world, the thought of relaxing with a nice cold mug of a favored brew sounds more appealing than ever. Whether your malt beverage of choice is a lager, stout, ale, pilsner, porter, a seasonal pumpkin-infused concoction, or one of the many other varieties of beer readily available, consider taking a look at these publicly traded brewers while enjoying a frothy pint of the most widely consumed adult beverage in the world.

Anheuser-Busch InBev (Tii:BUD)

With memorable Super Bowl TV spots and a timeless brand, the company behind Budweiser is the largest beer producer in the world. Other than its iconic American brand, Anheuser-Busch offers more than 630 malt-based libations sold in 150 countries under brands that include Stella Artois, Becks, Modelo, and a lot more. This makes Anheuser-Busch the juggernaut in the space, even during a time of sluggish sales as bars and restaurants were forced to temporarily close as a result of COVID-19. Still, the company reported some good news. In addition to approving a dividend payment for shareholders, Anheuser-Busch hosted a launch party for Bud Light, which entered the Chinese market with a big splash, starting in the Guangdong Province.

Boston Beer Company (Tii:SAM)

With autumn around the corner, it must be time for Sam Adams Octoberfest – a brew that has been known to fly off the shelves faster than a New Englander can shout, “Tom Brady!” With a line of perennial and seasonal brews, Boston Beer Company is a relative newcomer in the brewing world, having launched in 1985 after founder Jim Koch discovered his great-great grandfather's recipe for Louis Koch Lager in his father's attic. The founding father of the American craft beer movement, Boston Beer Co. brews more than 60 styles of Samuel Adams beer, including their flagship Boston Lager, seasonal brews, Brewmaster styles and the Barrel Room Collection. Like others in this space, the company has expanded beyond hops and barley with offerings that include Twisted Tea hard iced teas, Angry Orchard hard ciders and the Truly Spiked & Sparkling line of hard seltzers.

Constellation Brands Inc. (Tii:STZ)

Whether you prefer a wedge of lemon, lime, or nothing at all, this company’s line of Corona pale lagers is among the most popular imported beers in the U.S. market. In fact, import beer sales accounted for 19% of the $116 billion in total U.S. sales last year, according to The Brewers Association, a not-for-profit trade association of brewers. Constellation, the parent company behind more than 100 brands across the spectrum of adult libations, also imports Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Pacífico into the U.S. market.

Craft Brew Alliance Inc. (Tii:BREW)

Americans love craft beer, as evidenced by the fact that virtually every state has some form of beer festival where smaller brewers can show off their skills to die-hard aficionados. While these festivals are for the most part on hiatus, the seventh-largest craft brewing company in the U.S. is keeping the fires burning through brands that include Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Cisco Brewers, Omission Brewing Co., Redhook Brewery, Square Mile Cider Co., Widmer Brothers Brewing, and Wynwood Brewing Co.

Diageo Plc (Tii:DEO)

Any discussion involving beer, wine or spirits will inevitably include a brand under the massive Diageo umbrella. Let’s face it, they have carved out a space in virtually every part of the adult beverage industry. Those beer lovers with the patience to wait for a proper pour of the world’s leading stout are no doubt familiar with its iconic Guinness line (that includes one American Lager, Guinness Blonde). In addition, Diageo’s portfolio includes Harp, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale, and other malt beverages.

Heineken Company (Tii:HEIN.Y)

Founded in 1864 by the 22-year-old Gerard Adriaan Heineken, the Amsterdam-based brewer gained a foothold in the U.S. almost immediately after Prohibition ended and it never looked back. The second-largest brewer in the world, Heineken now has more than 300 brands available in more than 190 countries that include Tecate, Sol, Dos Equis, Indio, Amstel and its global flagship brand, Heineken. Heineken's craft brands include Affligem, Lagunitas and Mort Subite. Of interest to the eco-conscious: Since July, all Heineken beer for the Dutch market has been brewed using 100% green energy.

Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd. (Tii:KNBWY)

Established back in 1907, Kirin Holdings is the entity behind two of the most popular beers in Japan: Kirin Lager, one of the country's oldest beer brands that started brewing in 1888 by Kirin’s predecessor, and Ichiban Shibori. A leading player in the Asia-Oceania region, the Japanese brewer has a line of malt beverages that appeal to a broad swath of beer aficionados: Kirin Tanrei Green Label, the company's take on a light beer with 70% fewer carbohydrates, Kirin Nodogoshi Nama, the bolder-flavored Honkirin, and the popular Kirin Hyoketsu series that the company launched nearly 20 years ago.

Molson Coors Beverage Co. (Tii:TAP)

With dozens of imported and domestic brands, Molson Coors has a product for every palate. Coors Light, Miller Lite, Molson Canadian, Carling and Staropramen to Coors Banquet, Blue Moon Belgian White, Saint Archer Gold, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, and Creemore Springs are just a few of the brews produced by Molson Coors. The company’s Miller Lite brand even has a pretty cool promotion underway – offering overnight reservations at a Michigan lake house designed to bring drinkers back to 1975, the year Miller Lite was released across the U.S. Fear not, despite the 1970s décor, the home has some modern luxuries (a flat-screen TV, up-to-date kitchen appliances and central air).

Whether you prefer light and refreshing, dark and bold, or something in-between, it may be worth taking a look at some of the companies behind the beers you love.

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