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5 Stocks for the Perfect Halloween Party

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Chris Tromp October 28, 2020

Halloween is fast approaching. And though most of us are still under pandemic restrictions, you may be planning a small gathering of trusted people and close family members to share in the festivities. Or perhaps you are planning a party for your children since they will be unable to go door-to-door this year for trick-or-treating. Here are several companies with vested interests in your spooky party plans.

Party City Holdco Inc. (Tii:PRTY)

You can't have a party without all the Halloween masks and outfits. Party City has a wide array of children and adult outfits whether you want to show up as a ghoul and witch, or your favorite superhero. The company also has Halloween outfits for your pets. Don't forget that you should pick up the other party supplies that you will need, such as Halloween-themed decorations, balloons and food serving supplies. You can truly deck out the home or the backyard to make the party fantastic.

The Michaels Companies, Inc. (Tii:MIK)

While the costumes are ready, you still need decorations. Instead of buying them, you can make decorations yourself. DIY decoration kits from Michaels can get the whole family involved in the party planning, as well as letting the kids stretch their imaginations. You can find Halloween ribbon, fabric, scary trees and lights so you can decorate every room inside your home. They also offer inflatables and Halloween figures to decorate the outside of your home to make it especially scary for people who may love to drive around the neighborhood to check out what decorations are set up.

The Hershey Company (Tii:HSY)

What is a Halloween party without the candy? Don't forget the Twizzlers, KitKats Jolly Ranchers, Payday Bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The Hershey Company has been providing delectable candy treats for over a century. Select everyone's favorite brands and fill up the bowls to pass out to your children and guests. Don't forget to buy the full-sized candy bars (and to stash some away for yourself). Everyone will thank you for that.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Tii:BRK.A)

Once the guests arrive and the food is served, you want to have something fun to do instead of just standing around or listening to music. Halloween-themed games can get everyone involved in the fun activities and are a must for children's parties. This may seem like an odd entry on our list, But since its 2012 acquisition of Oriental Trading Company, Berkshire Hathaway has had an interest in Halloween-related events. Oriental Trading Company has a slew of games geared toward Halloween, including pumpkin bowling games, toy-filled apples, ring tosses, table tennis toss games, eyeball spoon games and many others.

L Brands Inc. (Tii:LB)

The Halloween outfits, decorations, candy and games are covered. Is there anything left to prepare for the party? Yes, there is one last item that shouldn't be forgotten. Keeping everything clean. With people eating candy and meals, sticky hands will begin to touch everything from the glasses to the board games. To cut down on the spread of germs, especially during the pandemic, hand sanitizers, shower gels and hand soaps are a must -- even for small, private family parties. Bath & Body Works, a company owned by L Brands, is offering Halloween-themed hand sanitizer and hand soaps. Let your guests wash their hands with Vampire Blood foam soap or use cinnamon pumpkin shower gel when getting ready for the party. They also offer candles in a range of Halloween-related scents to make the party smell great.

Halloween is a great holiday for the kids (and adults) to dress up, eat candy and play games throughout the day and into the night. These five companies are making it easier to throw a Halloween party the right way with all the things that you will need.

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