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5 Industrial Companies with Strong Consumer Brands

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Alan Hughes October 9, 2020
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While many companies considered industrials are engaged in manufacturing and distributing goods or providing services that support industry, others that fall into the category also boast strong brand recognition, either because they have popular consumer products or are ubiquitous in their respective spaces. Some of the relatively newer additions to the Dow Jones Industrial Average are prime examples of this: Apple Inc. (Tii:AAPL), which was added in 2015, Nike Inc. (Tii:NKE), added in 2013, and Honeywell International Inc. (Tii:HON), among others. Here are a few other industrials with strong brand recognition:

3M Company (Tii:MMM)

If you use Post-it Notes, Command Adhesive hooks, Scotch-Brite pads, or any of a few hundred other products, you use things made by 3M. But this company makes many more products – over 55,000 products at last count. You are just as likely to find their adhesives holding solar panels together as you are to find special aluminum foil tapes used inside your refrigerator.

Waste Management Inc. (Tii:WM)

Even if your trash pick-up is handled through the city where you live, there is a good chance you're a Waste Management customer and just don't know it. Many people mistake their trucks for municipal vehicles when it is Waste Management handling both residential and industrial recycling and disposal.

Energizer Holdings Inc. (Tii:ENR)

When most people think of Energizer, they think of the commercials with the drum-playing bunny. But Energizer Holdings has far more subsidiaries than that. They are one of the world's largest manufacturers of batteries, with products sold to consumers and industrial clients under names that include Eveready, Varta and Ray-O-Vac. Since 2016, they have also owned HandStands Holding Corporation, which is a designer and marketer of automotive fragrance and appearance products.

FedEx Corp. (Tii:FDX)

Though FedEx made business news headlines when its relationship with Amazon.com (Tii:AMZN) fell apart, FedEx shot down rumors that the online retailer was their biggest client. Shipping items for Amazon made up only 1.3% of FedEx revenue, and no one client makes up more than 3%. These clients include a lot of consumer brands, but also a lot of industrial brands that use their service to move components of items that will eventually be sold to consumers. FedEx is also big in the logistics business. They offer a suite of services that help other companies handle the administrative tasks that keep them in business.

General Electric Co. (Tii:GE)

GE doesn't just make lightbulbs and appliances for consumers. They also have their hand in industries that include aviation, healthcare and renewable energy, and even act as an investor in industries that relate to theirs. The 125-year-old company started off by way of a merger between Thomas Edison's many electricity-related businesses. Since then, they've expanded to innovate a wide array of consumer and industrial offerings.

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