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5 Companies Making Sustainable Living Possible

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Chris Tromp October 22, 2020

What does the word "sustainability" mean to you? For some, it means changing their homes and daily lives where they create less waste, consume fewer resources, and recycle and repurpose items to help the environment. Other people think of sustainability as investing in companies that take part in green initiatives and processes to lower their carbon footprints. When it comes to sustainable living, it doesn't mean that people have to do without the things that make their lives comfortable. In fact, many companies have made it easier to create a sustainable living based on the products and services they provide.

The Unilever Group (Tii:UL)

Whether it comes to hair care products, the food we eat, or the cleaning products that we use in our homes, Unilever has been leading the consumer products category for years when it comes to offering the things we need for sustainable living. You're probably familiar with most of these products already, such as Dove body wash, Breyers ice cream and Surf laundry detergent. Unilever creates these and many more while aggressively pursuing sustainability innovations. In fact, all the raw materials used in their products are sourced through suppliers and vendors adhering to sustainable agricultural practices.

Tesla Inc. (Tii:TSLA)

The race is on where it comes to people switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric models. While the early days of the company focused on more sports vehicle offerings for wealthier drivers, the company has now shifted gears and is offering more affordable and standard vehicles such as sedans and vans for the general public. More electric vehicles will be entering the market, providing additional opportunities for you to find the right one for your sustainable lifestyle.

Beyond Meat, Inc. (Tii:BYND)

For the past decade, people have become open to trying food products that have less or no meat due to how meat production can impact the environment. Beyond Meat is filling the gap where you can enjoy the taste of chicken, beef and pork while eating a plant-based substitute. Engaging in environmentally sound practices, the company's processes use 90% fewer greenhouse gases and 46% less energy to create their meatless products.

Covanta Holding Corp. (Tii:CVA)

This company is a little different from the others as it offers a unique service instead of a product – it hauls away garbage and uses some of it to fuel power plants. The company sorts through the trash and looks for anything that is even remotely recyclable. However, most of Covanta’s revenue comes from operating power plants that burn trash as fuel. By sending less garbage to landfills, the company is making the environment better for everyone.

Nike Inc. (Tii:NKE)

Switching to walking more to run errands, can be hard on the feet. Nike is making the walk easier with its vast clothing and shoe line. Yet what many people do not know is that this company also has in place numerous environmental practices in its operations. One such practice is to recycle old shoes to make new footwear, apparel, and athletic tracks. Walking for your health has become even more rewarding for your lifestyle and the environment.

Having a happier home that is also sustainable can be accomplished. More companies are seeking ways to offer eco-friendly products and services while making the best practices geared toward helping the environment and our precious resources.

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