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4 Social Media Platforms You Can Own (And One on the Way)

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Brent Snavely October 23, 2020
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Investing in stocks is a lot of fun to do with others, as you exchange tips and share in the excitement. If you want to get into stocks socially, what better companies to start with than some well-known social media giants. Here are four social media platforms that you probably use and could own a share of, with a fifth coming to an exchange near you.

Facebook, Inc. (Tii:FB)

Facebook is the one that started the social media revolution, and it’s a great stock with which to begin your investing. Stock market newcomers and long-term professionals both have positions in the company, which has become a major stock that still has potential. The stock has made a steady progression upward over the past six months. As an added bonus, if you purchase Facebook, you’ll own a little slice of Instagram too. Facebook bought the Instagram platform back in 2012.

Twitter, Inc. (Tii:TWTR)

Many people were unsure about posting only 140 characters at a time when Twitter first debuted, and investors similarly haven’t always been sure about this stock. The company now has a sizeable market cap of over $30 billion, and seemingly everyone now has something to tweet about (and a few more characters with which to do it).

Pinterest, Inc. (Tii:PINS)

Pinterest made social media visual, and its chart is an especially good visual in investors’ eyes. The stock dipped as many did back in March of this year, but it’s been on a pretty upward trend since then. With a market cap and price that are currently comparable to Twitter’s, this is another way to invest if you see the future in visuals rather than 140- and 280-character quips. Pinterest’s market cap is just under $30 billion, and both stocks were trading around $48 at the time of writing.

Snap, Inc. (Tii:SNAP)

Snapchat might not be as widely used as the other platforms listed, but there are still plenty of people who Snapchat daily. The company boasts a market cap that’s bigger than either Twitter’s or Pinterest’s, at $40.89 billion. Despite its size, though, this is also the cheapest of the stocks listed. Snapchat shares were trading below $40 at the time of writing. If you have only a few dollars to invest, this is a relatively inexpensive way to get started in the stock market and own a share of a well-known social media brand.

ByteDance Ltd. (Forthcoming IPO)

You might not know the name ByteDance, but you undoubtedly have heard of the Chinese company’s most successful endeavor: TikTok. ByteDance and TikTok aren’t publicly available for investment yet, but an IPO has long been expected and was recently confirmed. ByteDance stated in September that “TikTok Global” would debut with a U.S.-based IPO shortly. There’s not much known about TikTok’s IPO, but this could be an exciting time for those who buy it early.

If you’re already on social media (like most people are), why not combine your investing with your favorite platforms? Look at it as another opportunity to invest in a brand you enjoy.

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