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4 Smartphone Stocks to Consider Before the Holidays

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Chris Tromp November 10, 2020

Smartphones are always high on holiday wishlists, and the inclusion of 5G connectivity in most major phones will undoubtedly make new phones wildly popular this giving season. If you see these smartphones as smart bets, here are four smartphone makers to consider getting ahead of this holiday season.

Apple Inc. (Tii:AAPL)

After lagging behind other smartphone makers in cell connectivity, Apple finally equipped its latest smartphone with 5G capabilities. 5G is the hottest feature of the iPhone 12 line, which also has up to three impressive cameras, an upgraded processor, and a slate of other upgrades. Fans of the company are already ecstatic over this new phone, and even some Android users have taken note. In addition to the iPhone 12, Apple also offers the new Apple One subscription suite (which bundles up to six Apple services, such as Apple TV+ and Apple Music into one subscription) that is also expected to do well.

Alphabet Inc. (Tii:GOOG)

In order to invest in Google, you must purchase stock in Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. Alphabet has a hand in virtually everything from A to Z. The conglomerate owns more than 200 companies and is invested in everything from space exploration to search engines. Of course, Alphabet is involved in smartphones too. First, Alphabet acquired Motorola Mobility about a decade ago. Alphabet thus earns something on every sale of the Motorola Moto Edge and Motorola Moto G7 phones. These budget-oriented phones might not be the most exciting models, but it’s important to remember that there’s a need for more affordable smartphone solutions.

Second, Alphabet also ultimately owns the Pixel lineup of phones. Produced through Google, the Pixel lineup has featured both high-end and more affordable options. This year’s Google Pixel 4A 5G is touted as one of the more capable and affordable 5G smartphones currently available. The Pixel 5 is a slightly superior model that’s also getting some attention.

Nokia Corp. (Tii:NOK)

Remember Nokia? You might have forgotten about the company since smartphones hit the market. The iconic flip phone company of yesteryear does have some smartphone offerings, though. The models are often creatively named things like the Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 8.3 FG. You can find some of Nokia’s various models at both major carriers and more budget-oriented carriers in the U.S. If you have forgotten about Nokia, you’re probably not the only one. Wall Street seems to have passed the company by too, with shares of Nokia stock trading for around the cost of a cup of coffee. That makes Nokia by far the most affordable stock on this list, even if it’s not flashy.

Samsung Electronics (Tii:SSNLF)

The king of Android smartphones continues to lead the industry with models like the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Z Fold2. To varying degrees, these offer innovative features, affordable prices and -- most of all -- impressive cameras. You might say Samsung has made the smart camera even more than the smartphone. Because Samsung is a Korean company and traded on South Korea’s exchange, purchasing stock in the company isn’t as easy as getting a share through the NYSE or NASDAQ. If you find a brokerage that will let you buy on the Korean exchange, though, the stock will be available.

When you’re shopping for a new smartphone this holiday season, don’t just look at the phones themselves, check out these companies and see whether you think any are smart additions to your portfolio.

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