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5 Purebred Stocks for Pet Lovers (And 1 Mutt)

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Alan Hughes October 5, 2020
Pet Lovers

Pet lovers spend a lot of time with their furry, scaly and feathery friends -- and they spend a lot of money on them. You don’t even need to consider industry statistics that show growth among pet stores, pet grooming, pet boarding and veterinary businesses in recent years. If the fact that in 2018, pet care was a $225 billion business in North America alone doesn't convince you, consider how much you pamper Fido or Nemo and think of how many pet owners are just like you.

If you’re a pet owner, why not get in on the pet industry action? From retail stores to medical businesses, there are lots of ways to invest in the brands and companies that pet owners use. Here are some purebred plays in the industry, along with a mutt that’s in this space and others.

Chewy Inc. (Tii:CHWY)

The e-commerce company that’s found a way to compete with Amazon, Chewy has an increasing following among pet owners. As is the case with other online retailers, Chewy’s sales have steadily increased throughout 2020. Revenue is forecast to increase substantially as a result.

PetIQ, Inc. (Tii:PETQ)

PetIQ is a leading pet medication and wellness company delivering a smarter way for pet parents to help their pets live their best lives through convenient access to affordable veterinary products and services. The company engages with customers through more than 60,000 points of distribution across retail and e-commerce channels with its branded distributed medications, which is further supported by its own world-class medications manufacturing facility in Omaha, Nebraska. PetIQ believes that pets are an important part of the family and deserve the best products and care we can give them.

Zoetis Inc. (Tii:ZTS)

You probably don’t know Zoetis, but you’ve undoubtedly used the company’s products. Formerly a part of Pfizer Inc. (Tii:PFE), Zoetis was spun off in 2013 and now manufactures pet medications. With a market capitalization of more than $77 billion, this is one of the largest pet med companies in the world.

Index Laboratories Inc. (Tii:IDXX)

Index Laboratories is another company you probably don’t know, but your veterinarian certainly does. This is one of the largest manufacturers of pet diagnostic equipment, and they aren’t limited to just small pets. Zoos, wildlife rescue centers and other animal organizations use the company’s equipment. Reported earnings have been on a steady increase over the past four years, and they’re forecasted to go higher.

Freshpet Inc. (Tii:FRPT)

Freshpet makes fresh, refrigerated pet food – food like people eat. If you haven’t picked up the company’s offerings from the grocery or pet store yet, a growing number of other pet owners have and love the product. Freshpet doesn’t have the enormous revenues of Zoetis or Index Laboratories, but it has strong brand recognition within its niche.

Merck & Co., Inc. (Tii:MRK)

Merck is a whale of a pharmaceutical company that dwarfs even Zoetis. The company has a $205 billion market capitalization, making it one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. And Merck isn’t limited to just the pet industry -- it’s the mutt of the list. The company has a strong pet industry presence with an extensive range of vaccines that protect dogs, cats and rabbits against many different diseases.

There are lots of pet stocks for the investor who’s interested in the brands that their animal friends use. Whether you want to learn more about lesser-known companies that make equipment or the major consumer brands you know, these all provide substantial exposure to the pet industry.

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