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Celebrate Detroit Companies

TiiCKER celebrates Detroit public companies with exclusive shareholder perk for investors.


Available to the first 1,000 eligible TiiCKER users who own shares of metro Detroit-based public companies. Limited time offer.

Détroit Is The New Black was founded by fashion designer Roslyn Karamoko who created the brand to reflect the dual connotation of the phrase - trendy and desirable as well as the true spirit of Detroit. TiiCKER founder Jeff Lambert was the brand's lead investor and helped bring the woman and Black-owned brand to its now-iconic retail store on Woodware Ave. in downtown Detroit.

"Detroit has seen a resurgence in the last decade as the city has welcomed new startups, retailers, residents and public companies. TiiCKER is proud to call the city home, and we wanted to show the love to shareholders investing in their hometown stocks."

- Jeff Lambert, founder and CEO of TiiCKER

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