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Perrigo opened its first manufacturing facility in Allegan, Michigan in 1921 and signed its first, large private-label customer in the mid-1930s, paving the way for its conversion from a re-packager of home remedies to a manufacturer of affordable healthcare products.

Perrigo's growth was driven further by the advent of prescription-to-over-the-counter ("Rx-to-OTC") switches, where prescription products began to become available over the counter. These Rx-to-OTC switches provided Perrigo with opportunities to launch new store brand versions of products such as Advil®, Tylenol®, Flonase®, Allegra®, Prilosec®, Nicorette® and many more.

Today, Perrigo Company is dedicated to making lives better by bringing Quality Affordable, Self-Care ProductsTM that consumers trust everywhere they are sold.

The Company is a leading provider of over-the-counter health and wellness solutions that enhance individual well-being by empowering consumers to proactively prevent or treat conditions that can be self-managed.

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