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Operating in Atchison, Kansas, and Lawrenceburg, Indiana, MGP began as a humble grainbelt distillery in 1941 and has since grown into a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits, and specialty wheat proteins and starches. We partner with small startups and global brands alike to innovate in the food science industry and create some of the finest whiskeys, ryes, bourbons, gins and vodkas in the world.

Our founder, Cloud L. Cray, Sr., set out to create a company of makers and innovators that felt more like a family than a corporation. Three generations of the Cray family later, we’ve certainly grown, but we still have those same family values. Whether we’re collaborating with each other or with our customers, we take pride in our craft and refuse to settle for anything less than exceptional.

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Our Brands

Till Vodka
George Remus
Rossville Union
Green Hat Distilled Gin
Eight & Sand
Tanner's Creek

Spotlight Brands

Spotlight Brands