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The rich history of Dyadic represents a microcosm of how modern biotechnology is revolutionizing science, medicine, agriculture, and engineering to improve how we feed, fuel, and heal the world.

For Dyadic, the journey can be described as going from “Jeans to Genes”: pioneering the use of pumice stones to stonewash blue jeans in the early 1980s, shifting along with the industry to enzymes in the middle of the decade, then beginning a new journey with the discovery of a filamentous fungal strain, nicknamed C1, suitable for producing cellulase and other enzymes in the early 1990s. Over the next two decades, Dyadic has built the knowledge, expertise, molecular tools, and technology needed to create and commercialize one of the world’s premiere gene expression systems, the C1 Technology Platform. During C1’s development, we identified two serendipitous mutations: the first changed the morphology of our organism, resulting in high productivity and better growth conditions; the second created our C1 White StrainTM, which allows for the production of purer enzymes and other proteins at high productivity.

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